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Dron Digital Services Pvt. Ltd.

Digitalizing the Future

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All in one Mobile App for Teachers, Parents, and Students

Welcome to the new digital Era of Digitalization where Smart Schools stands on the pillars of Connectivity, Monitoring and Report Analysis

The vision of the company is to make this solution available to every school, be it private or government, and at a very affordable price. We see Enlight as a building block to technology advancement of schools all over India. With proper digitalization of schools, Artificial Intelligence counseling can be provided to the students to help them choose their career path well   (More Details)

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Enlight Modules

Student Admission

Online portal for Student Registration to Management including payment of Registration Fee, Entrance Exam fee and follow up.


Pay fee online via Credit/Debit Card, Net Banking, etc. Fee payment Alerts on Parents App with Integration of Student’s fine.


Biometric Attendance for Teachers and Real-time monitoring for Substitute Arrangement. Attendance of Students on App with Online Leave Submission facility


Dynamic and real-time Timetable for everyone, adjust automatically for new events or Substitute addition.


Online Reports will be generated from criteria set by School and instant notification to parents.


Teachers plan Homework of their Subjects and post online. Students will view homework from respective teachers and will stay connected.